July 26, 2010

V-Neck Tees

Plain V-Neck Tee Shirts are my absolute favourite article of clothing in my closet. Hands down. These babies make my mornings that much easier and for this I am so grateful as I have never really been a morning person. As in never ever. As in I will take any small improvement that I can get my hands on.

Enter V-Neck Tee. I throw on one of my millions and go straight out the door with a pair of jeans on. What is your go-to piece of clothing that makes your mornings just a little bit brighter?

P.S. My favourite piece of Tee-Shirt Trivia:

The first promotional tee shirt for a movie was made in 1939 for the Wizard of Oz. The image showed the gang walking down the brick road while Toto is lifting his hind leg. It read "How the Yellow Brick Road got its name."

Tee Shirt on Right from the Gap

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  1. :) ohh how i love t-shirts.

    and thanks for your sweet as comment on my blog. i love the 'im under construction' too!


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