Why I Started Blogging

"Happiness was made to be shared."

This quote sums it up for me but to if you want a bit more of an explanation...

Why did you start blogging?

One day I was thinking about how I tend to not notice the little bits of happiness that life throws my way.  I thought about how great it would be if I could train myself to notice and remember all the sometimes small but great things that make me laugh or smile or think.  And then I read the quotation above (while reading through famous quotes - a favourite procrastination tactic of mine) and knew I had found the answer.  I would share my little bits of happiness with the world through a blog and then I could hear about everyone else's bits of happiness and then everyone would start to notice the small but great things in life.  And this is how I would make the world just a little bit better: by sharing my happiness.

Why did you choose the name Fireflies etc. ?

I started thinking about what could represent these small bits of happiness in life.  And then it came to me... Fireflies!  They wander into your life unexpectedly a make it a little bit brighter.  I think it fit my blog just right.

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I appreciate your support. <3

Love Always,