August 25, 2010

Moving on up

I have been ridiculously nervous recently because in a few days I'm moving to a new place! But then I thought Why Be Nervous? ... Why not be super excited? So I poured all of my nervous energy into getting excited and preparing and....drum roll please... it's working for me!

Have you seen those signs that say "Keep Calm and Carry On"? At first I thought, okay that's good advice I guess. But then I saw this sign (below) and thought WOW! That seems like WAY MORE FUN! I choose this one!

Just wanted to share some inspiring and self-affirming words with you lovely readers. I also want a giant version of the first one to put in my new place!




  1. Such a fun post! Now, I'm gonna go out and try something new!

  2. i love the skipping photo -- how whimsical!


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