August 12, 2010

Women and Life and Petals

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."

I love to look up the meaning of flowers, of dreams, of names. But then I thought, well, everyone has their own unique meaning of all these things. Why limit ourselves?

Flowers have always been a big thing in my life. Mostly because the women in my life have loved them and have instilled this love in me. So flowers and family have become intertwined in my life, so much that when I see certain types of flowers, they elicit specific memories of my life or people.

My first memory of flowers were white roses. Traditionally representing youth and innocence, I find this a perfect little moment. Right after my first ballet recital when I was still dressed in my big red tutu, my parents gave me a big bouquet of white roses. I felt so special and important and loved. So my youngster days are delicate white roses.

My second greatest memory of flowers were sunflowers. My best friend's house had sunflower wall paper all over her house. So friendship and childhood are definitely big, bright sunflowers.

Daisy, gerbera daisies to be exact, would probably best represent my life now. To be honest I can't really explain why. I just look at them and think of happiness, beauty, and simplicity. I guess that's what I want out of myself and of my life.

My grandmother is an iris. It's her favourite flower and she always had them in vases around her house. Tall and elegant, the perfect flower for her.

My mother is a coral rose. She has an understated beauty that catches you off guard and her warmth is unmatched by anyone I've met. But the rose is perfect for her most of all because of her strength and ability to protect those she loves.

Do you have a flower that has a special meaning to you? I'd love to hear your story.




  1. I like gardenias cuz they're white, elegant and rare (;

  2. They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing! That photo is gorgeous. <3

  3. Sunflowers are my favorite. They're so difficult to pick, but so pretty :) I wish there were more around. I am glad you like them too, beautiful pictures!

  4. wow this is an amazing post, thanks !! i love the meaning of names and colours. My favourite flower would have to be a dark red rose.. they are beautiful while they are alive, & then the dead petals are just as beautiful, if even more ! i love using them for art :)


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